Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm Gonna Play too Lauren...5 Things:

5 Things I am looking forward to:

My Mum coming to stay; Eating Homemade Chocolate Brownies and Vanilla ice-cream (but I might save that for another day); having a tidy kitchen; getting my creative me-time back (one day..obviously not in the nearer future unless of course I get off the computer and start making!!!) Going to Hillsong's Colour Conference with my sister-in-law Bec.

5 Things I did yesterday:

Drove 45 minutes to meet a new congregation who fell in love with Isabelle; Went to my lovely church friends' house and ate yummy zucchini quiche and fresh green salad; played with toy trains; ate chocolate brownies and ice-cream for dinner...hence the continued craving...; showered...which was a bit of a first for a few days...

5 Things I wish I could do:

I wish I could write for Frankie; I wish I could design my own stationery and sell it, I wish I could get up every morning at 5am and run like there was no tomorrow, I wish I could drive to the supermarket by myself so my hubby and I wouldn't get cranky at each other every time; I wish my loved ones lived closer...

5 Places I'd like to travel:

New Zealand; France (particularly Monet's Garden); Rome; Bethlehem; Adelaide :)

5 Cool things I've found online lately:



Thats all I've got...haven't done enough searching lately :(

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