Thursday, September 9, 2010

Help me!!!

Hi everyone!

I am having a dilemma...just a minor one...but it doesn't feel quite right so I thought I'd be like Rachel and put it out there...what should be my etsy name? So far I have two accounts. One is 'A is for Anna'; and the second which I opened a few years ago is 'Anxious Anna' (I was pretty anxious at the time...but not so much anymore...especially as I am trying to sell calm stationery items! lol!) The problem is there is already an unused account called A is for Annabel and the name Anna is completely overused in etsy titles: check some "Anna"s out though on etsy, there is some really nice stuff! So! If you think of a name that relates to my blog title or is a reflection of me and what I make that would be even better.

Thanks! Off to play with my 15 month old now and stop thinking about it for a bit! Bye!


  1. a is for anna. Do it. !! And use the top banner - love it. So, so cute. I like it because you are selling stationary stuff and it sounds like a writing exercise that you would do. A is for Anna. B is for Belle. C is for Cat.... And your font is perfect for selling stationary too. That's my thoughts. xx

    P.S. I don't just love the top banner because of the colour either! THe design is very cute and will be a bit closer to the shape of an etsy banner... you could do a little cut out bit with the photo though...

  2. Thanks Rach...I am gonna do it. This more procrastinating...i think It's cos I'm a bit nervous! Did you feel nervous when you put your pictures up? I will only have 3 things to sell so far but I think if I get it started it might motivate me to post more...we'll see how it goes! Thanks again! X

  3. I love A is for Anna!! Perfect!