Friday, July 15, 2011

There is nothing like a freshly cracked magazine spine...

Ok Ok...I LURVE magazines...when I see something pretty on paper...I must have it...I've always been like that, ever since I was little, I loved pretty stationary, pens, papers, journals (I have so many unused journals but they are all special), stickers, sticky tapes, bits of string, gift tags etc etc, and I know you all relate...its what we have in common. So, I wanted to share with you some of my favourite reads right now because I know you will love them too, if you don't already.

White wedding magazine is something I stumbled on the other month when I went on one of my stuck out at me...and I NEVER buy wedding magazines...I only bought 2 when I was actually GETTING married...but I've bought two White issues already...and thats been the only two months I've seen it and as soon as they put out a new issue...Im getting that one too. Its pages are gorgeous...the paper is matte and recycled and lovely. The stories are so heart warming about oldies being married for about a'hundred years and still in love. There's cute little quotes and pre-wedding diet tips that make you just wanna become glamourous all over again. I love it. Buy it. It's so pretty.

Mollie we go! A NEW UK magazine that I found the other day, who knows where, that is the coolest prettiest craft mag ever!!! And they have a great 40% for international subscribers right now for a limited time only...check it out! It's too cute...It is one I will surely be subscribing too next time I get my hands on some loot. This is the mag that was in the post for me today which I had totally forgotten that I bought it making the surprise, oh-so-much more sweeter!

Frankie, dear Frankie, I've been buying you since you were issue 5...I have so many of you but each one is so worthy of ownership. If you haven't bought one of these before..they are a good read, a calming bath read and one that will make you laugh, think, cry (sometimes) bake, sew and draw and photograph and do any ol' creative activity...I love how they have changed their paper too...much more "keepsake" to hold rather than yucky glossy pages. My favourite issue so far was this Issue number 41...the wedding pages were awesome, but pretty much every page inspired me.

Last but not least, Peppermint Mag...your gorgeous eco-friendly magazine filled with green products and ideas and issues. I like what the editor has done with the layout just feel RIGHT if you know what I mean? I just bought the latest I just need to find time for a quiet cuppa and a flick through.

So if you haven't acquainted yourself with one of these yet...check them out, I am sure you will fall in love...let me know what your favourite magazine is so I can fall in love too, I'm always willing to expand my repertoire!

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