Saturday, August 20, 2011


Now...I don't want to bring anyone down...I don't want to burst the bubble that your Mama instilled in you when you were just a little girl that you can be anything you want and do anything that you want to...but sometimes...not everything is possible...

and what I mean is that it isn't possible that you do everything exactly when you want it and when it needs to be done...or sometimes it really isn't possible to follow that dream of yours when there's a bunch of other stuff in your life getting in the way, you know, priorities and stuff.

The clothes drawers in my house are much to be desired. The plastic storage containers are not neatly lined up and some lids are most certainly missing. The socks are mismatched. The books on my shelves are crooked. There is stuff places that it shouldn't be. My bed is unmade. I have so much study to do its ridiculous. I felt like I haven't talked properly to my husband all day and possibly a few more. I have a couple of baskets of laundry to fold and put away. I wanna blog at least once a week but it just seems to be put further and further down the list of 'important things' to do, there is powder all over the laundry (BUT, I can see the floor thanks to my awesome and beautiful sister in law)... etc etc etc...the list goes on...and there probably isn't a house magazine in the world that would like to photograph my place at how stylish & perfect it is (which secretly saddens me cos I'd really love that) point...I did manage to make lots of baby food, get some drawing done for my course, spend time with my girls, do the dishes a couple of times more than id like and prepare and make food for myself and my girls...I did wash their faces and do their hair today (well one of my girl's hair), run outside with Isabelle and a whole lot more that I can't really remember, I am sure...

...but why do I feel like thats not enough?!? I am FORCING myself to be grateful for the freedom in believing that sometimes...NOT EVERYTHING is possible...and thats fact, its better than ok...because even though technically, I should be able to do it all cos someone out there probably makes me pretty stressed out to try and live up to that expectation. And I'd much rather be calm and happy. I hope you gave yourself a break too today :) happy being "grateful" day.

Check out Maxabella's site for some more happy moments.

Just a few of my highlights this week...


  1. gosh those pictures make me happy! great talking to you this morning, I hope you can take a moment to give yourself a break, not too much pressure on yourself and do what you can manage. :) xx loves

  2. Beautiful pictures! Wow you'd have your hands full!!

  3. You do a fantastic job! I'm amazed at what you do manage to get done! It's all seasons... one day your house will be as you desire it, and then you will probably miss the toys all over the floor.

    I reckon the truth about what makes a super woman, or woman great, is not when she is perfect and has it all together, but when she is okay with the cracks and keeps on keeping on with tenacity in spite of them.. that's a super woman.

    I LOVE YOU xx

  4. you drew that bird?!! It's gorgeous! You're so very talented. Everything else aside... I can't get over the bird! much love. xx

  5. Great words that I can certainly relate to. I am learning that it's ok to be 'mediocre mum' instead of 'supermum' sometimes ;-)

  6. So so so so so SO true, Anna. I think we could easily kill ourselves trying to get everything we want to do done, let alone everything we HAVE to do done. Sometimes 'almost' is definitely enough. x