Saturday, December 26, 2009

2009 and The Whirlwind...

As this year prepares to close and start a new and exciting journey, I am amazed at how much my life has evolved and bloomed. At the beginning of this year I was still pregnant, and at the end of it I have a 7 month old daughter who brings so much joy, intensity, laughter, mood swings, exhaustion, fun and delight to my life. I now also live in a different state! A place that I love despite being quite far away from all those that I rely on for support and encouragement. I have gained and lost 26 kilos and still working on losing more! I have made some new friends, although I still miss my old ones more and more as time goes on (which probably shouldn't happen, but I have learnt and reaslised the value and depth of their friendship). I gained another beautiful sister in law in July and another very special unofficial sister in law, who will be having my first niece in the new year. What will the new year bring?

  • For myself I hope that I will be able to read the whole Bible in a year...this is always my New Years resolution but this new year, our Church is going to go on the journey together and carry each other through it! Perhaps this is the only way I will be able to succeed!
  • Along with Lauren and Rachel (and anyone else who wants to join in) I hope to take 365 photos, one photo a day...for my creative outlet, which isn't getting nourished very well.
  • I hope to get my drivers license FINALLY...something I need to do for my own sanity!
  • Continue to eat well and live well by exercising everyday!

As I look back on this past year, it is easy to see how God has blessed and provided for all my needs despite at certain times, life looked dismal. What have been the milestones in your life in the past year and what would you like to change at the start (and during!) 2010?

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  1. It has been a big year hasn't it?!

    Looking forward to taking many pictures. xx