Sunday, January 10, 2010

1-9 Daily Clicks

DAY 1: My little girl...always a hug for mummy. She is growing up so fast. It wouldn't be right if I didn't have a picture of her since my life revolves around her journey.
DAY 2: The first night at our holiday place. Eating with family. Chillaxing. Blissful.

DAY 3: It was so nice to be able to relax in our beautiful holiday home...with a quiet moment

DAY 4: My second run on the was sooooooooooooo was my only thing I wanted from my holiday was to be able to run along the beach... and then walk back along the shore resting my tired feet in the cool water. It was perfect.
DAY 5: Like a candle in the darkness...what I learnt from my daily devotion.
DAY 6: The Eumundi Markets...a crazy, hellishly humid place where people try to get a touristy bargin...I did...I found my holiday hat which I love...
DAY 7: My Babies...playing in the of the nicest things on my holdiay was seeing Isabelle discover the's taste, texture, smell and what its like to get it in your pants. It was beautiful.
DAY 8: Lauren & I ran to sign 44 with two breaks inbetween on our holiday along the was great to have a running buddy and wish we lived by the beach so we could get super fit together :( but, I cherished the moment was great while it lasted. Thanks Lauren.
DAY 9: Just one of the little treats that Maureen, my mother in law makes...they are delicious...
hence the reason why I ALWAYS without fail put on a kilo or two when I stay over.

One of my 2010 New Year's resolutions was to begin my 365 project to capture a moment each day which encompasses my feeling, activity, love...basically anything that I apprectiate...for whatever reason. I am so excited about seeing my life through my own camera lens (or in my case my iphone lens) after a whole year of disciplined far I kind of like my poor quality clicks...there is something intimate about them, as I haphazardly snap away at random moments. I can't wait to make my handbound book to put all my piccies in look out for images of that as well on my blog. I guess what will really keep me going though is the fact that some of my closest friends are a part of the project...and they dont live all that i will be able to see their snippets of life, making me feel just that little bit closer to them. My first photo is of my Isabelle; a girl with a lot of character and the person my life revolves around...mostly for good times but often moments where I would rather sleep, but have to entertain right now for example! :) (Luckily she doesn't mind looking at her own toys while I blog!) I have been on holidays so I have to catch you up to my images...and I won't be able to upload them everyday until I get home...but here are the first 9...and I am yet to take my number 10 for today...but enjoy. Especially to all my fellow clickers xoxo


  1. Loving your pics Anna!

    Our Daily Click is up and running.....

  2. Yeah, I have linked myself but I am not sure how to upload photos etc...will have to have a chat to you on the phone...(I actually like just using my blog though...since I am no where near as diligent as you are at putting up posts...and therefore need ANYTHING to put something on my page!!!)