Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Whats been going on lately?!

(Annamoa fabric (in blue, multicolour & yellow (I didn't get the yellow one with bird cages, I wanted to but it was out of stock): and the MALM 4 draw chest in black-brown IKEA)

It's been a bit of a hectic month or two it seems and time is rushing by me so quickly that often days go by and I think "what have I done?" or even "what day is it today?". I lack so much of my usual energy and so I have settled with just taking care for Isabelle and enjoying the last few weeks of just "her & me" time, and on the days I can't even do that...it's her, me and the TV time.

In the last two months my in-laws have visited and enjoyed Isabelle's new developments, I have stopped being a Sunday School teacher (although nothing official completed it, I'm pretty sure people have started realising that I am no longer doing it :) I have stopped going for walks and taken up sitting on my bottom and crocheting, which I have thoroughly enjoyed getting my head around patterns and figuring out what it is *meant* to look like! Although lately I have been dreaming of going for a lovely stroll once the twins have arrived. I had a beautiful baby shower thrown to me by my beautiful and generous sister-in-law and mother-in-law and since then have slowly been making thank you cards, and looking dreamily at all the gifts and letters people so lovingly gave. I also got my hair done which was in need of some sprucing up and about 5 hours off from being mum (although the twins sure kicked me enough to remind me that they were still in there). Luke and I also converted Isabelle's cot into a little toddler bed which she loves and took to really quickly, and now I am starting (slowly) to introduce the potty just for number 2's...she is growing up very quickly and loves doing 'new' things and I am sure she will be a wonderful big sister.

I have also been thinking about the nursery/guest room and how to decorate and have only started seriously getting the extra things I needed and beginning the decorating part, but it is going slowly, because of dwindling energy & Isabelle liking to 'help'. So far the room will eventually have the two cots in there (but we will move one into our bedroom for the first few weeks/months after the twins arrive); the change table (which will also live in our room for the same time the single cot does) and our queen guest bed, and a chest of drawers MALM in dark brown from IKEA. I also got extremely excited when I was last in IKEA (as you do) and saw their range of fabrics which I have used to cover some canvas and make some bright and cheerful art pieces for the twins to love. Even though I love neutral colours, it seems babies do prefer the stuff they can see :) so this time around, the nursery is going to be quite bright, which I think will work well since we can't paint the walls. (The Annamoa range from IKEA is so cute!) The next few weeks I hope will bring a little more energy (but I know that resting is actually a lot better for the babies) & some lovely memories with Isabelle. I hope to have some nicer pictures of the baby nook soon to show but until then, here are nursery rooms from Apartment Therapy that have inspired me so far.


  1. You bubbies are very blessed to have such a fun and creative mum making their space. I adore the green room! xx

  2. Yes, the green room does remind me of you :) and guess what...it is actually called "the Green Room" :) how inventive :-/ its not going that well lately...wish you were here to help me make some creative decisions!!! x