Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Inspired by the best of them...

There are three blogs (recommended by friends!) that have inspired me over the last month while I ignored the dust settling on the top of sills, while I spent some brief but wonderful undivided attention with my first born, while I go through a cleaning frenzy to de-clutter the odd draw because it makes me feel more in control despite my life being quite the opposite at times...these three blogs have helped me be more relaxed and enjoy life rather than worry about mess, then in the same breath they have kicked me up the butt to be more organised and then they have inspired me to treat my Isabelle like a princess and little lady, just because. They may contradict each other, the idea of cleaning like a mad-man one minute and then pretending the stack of dishes and pile of nappies doesn't exist, but then my life right now is dotted with unpredictable and crazy moments and then a calm, quiet moment when all my babies are asleep and I feel rejuvenated once more, the moment where I can regain some of my life when things didn't get pulled out of draws constantly.

Firstly, I love this post on Rockstar Diaries, where a new mum tells us of her baby's bed time, 2am, and that its ok to let baby have lots of "naked time", theres nothing that a good wash can't clean up! Sometimes I love hearing the relaxed version of parenting, despite the fact that I myself struggle with the idea of letting anyone of my kids stay up until 2am...but this mum says let your child fit into your life, not the other way around...So this past week, I have given all my girls lots of nappy off time. And yes, more washing did evolve but Sophie's nappy rash did improve and the other two just love a naked bum!

Rockstar Diaries

My Ava Joy

My Sophie Christina

Then one of my favourite bloggers The Yvestown Blog did a post on organisation...which I just loved! I just had to get stuck into my kitchen drawers after I saw her lovely and perfectly alined drawers! And I HAD to photograph it because I didn't know how long it would stay that tidy...2 weeks on and the drawers still look nice and crisp!

Proof that I can be tidy sometimes!

And finally...pampering my darling daughter with a mini pedicure and massage. Isabelle loves anything girly. I had been delaying painting her toe-nails because I think I can remember something that my aunty said about painted nails being what 'unsavoury' women have...but after I saw Kelle Hampton from Enjoying the Small Things, paint her daughter's nails on a rainy afternoon...I thought...now that just looks cute! And Belle just loves them! And don't worry..we got to her finger nails the next day with the baby clippers...they needed some tidying up too! Read Kelle's blog for today about a messy house...I just love it because I am forever making a criticism about myself after someone pays me a compliment, like she does...a very funny read...in fact all her posts are lovely! Thanks Heth for putting me on to her blog!

Kelle Hampton's gorgeous photography!

Isabelle's little polished toes...might change the colour for this week to match mine?

Check out these sites when you get a free moment...they are inspirational, beautiful and do wonders for the soul to feast your eyes on pretty ideas and things. I know it does for me. If you leave a comment, let me know what your all time favourite blog is so I can check it out! I love finding new blogs to inspire creativity!


  1. I love it when you blog! And I love those photos of those beautiful nieces of mine!

  2. You write beautifully my darling!

  3. I LOVE Kelle Hamptons blog. She is incredible and her girls are so cute. So are yours! (and your draws are looking amazing! Well done!)


    P.S. Love the new header!

  4. oh what a clever girl sophie is with that strong neck! glad you've had some down time and enjoyed some blogs x