Friday, May 20, 2011

To my big girl, who will surely always be my little girl...

Happy Birthday Princess.
I love you more then they day I first found out I was pregnant with you,
or the day I first felt you kick,
or the day you were born,
or the day you first flashed a smile my way,
or the day you first said mama and meant it...
and that thought is just inconceivable...
because my heart already feels so full of love
and to think it can grow more is just magical.
Thank you for bringing so much whimsy, joy and happiness to our lives.
God bless you 1000 times over...
love your Mummy xx


  1. beautiful! great pictures of the birthday girl!

  2. Look how long and wavy her hair is getting!!!!!!

  3. Oh Anna... I am bawling. What a beautiful beautiful piece of writing xxx