Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Belle & Boo

Hallo, Please help!

With some money that Ava & Sophie were given as gifts for their Baptism, (and a bit of my own) I want to buy them a belle & boo print each, however I can't decide! I want the prints to reflect them a little bit and I want them to be the same size so I can hang them over their dresser in their room.

Ava currently loves being awake lots during the day. She loves eating, chilling on a blanket and chasing light with her eyes; she is the first one awake in the morning and loves studying your face.

Sophie currently loves laughing, flirting ;P and smiling. Loves to stand up and kick her toys when she plays on the floor. She loves to sleep in longer in the morning and watch her big sister jump around.

I'm thinking: Lila Freedom together with Belle & Boo fly a kite or The two "Ava" prints, Ava with Wings and Ava and the carousel (but they both have blonde hair, and my real Ava has brown hair) these are my favourite prints but I don't think they suit my twins. I love the hot chocolate print and the poppy's puddles together I think the best. But perhaps the Belle & Boo fly a kite and one of the Ava prints would also work together. Let me know what combination you like the best! Can't wait to hear you ideas!
Lila Freedom
11 inch x 14 inch

Belle & Boo fly a kite
11 inch x 14 inch

Ava & the Carousel
11 inch by 14 inch

Ava with Wings
11 inch x 14 inch

Hot Chocolate
10 inch x 10 inch

Poppy's Puddle
10 inch x 10 inch


  1. The belle and boo fly a kite is very similar to the one we bought when we were in London, BUT it's black and white and just a little bit of red not all the colour. Poppy's puddle and Hot choc is VERY cute! well they all are...but I think the Lila freedom one would be a very close one behind the other two...the Ava one's a beautiful but they seem to pink for some reason! Hope that helps! :) xx

  2. I say Hot Chocolate is so Ava with her brown hair sitting quietly & contemplatively enjoying the simple things in life. I love that she is sitting in that huge grown up chair too big for a little girl. That's so our serious little Ava.
    And the puddle stomping - Ha Ha that little Blondie has Sophie written all over it. Mischief, trouble, lots of child like fun. She will totally be the one who walks through the door with her Sunday best soaked.

  3. You both write so beautifully! Thank you! I decided to go with the Hot chocolate print and Poppy's puddle...there was no real other choice! Even though I love them all...thanks for your help!