Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pure Joy

On Sunday my two beautiful daughters were Baptised into God's family. To me, as a parent, this moment in both Isabelle's young life and now in Ava & Sophie's little lives, has to be the most powerful and defining celebration. This is the day they become children of God and their eternal salvation has been secured, they now live for something greater than themselves, they now belong to Jesus. What a wonderful moment! It was a FULL ON weekend. But well worth the drama for one of the most beautiful baptism ceremonies that I have ever attended...and I know, I might be biased, since it was for my girls! But now that I look back on the photos, I think the things I will treasure the most is the look of *pure joy* written all over my family's faces when they spent time with Isabelle, Ava or Sophie. The fact that I know that they are loved so much by their family means so much to me.

Sophie Christina & Ava Joy Sunday Morning (Sophie is very excited!)

Aunty Lauren having a cuddle with her god-daughters, Ava & Sophie
Lauren has such a perfect touch with these two.

My mum with Ava
A gorgeous photo of mum having a cuddle with Ava, I loved seeing her so happy.

Luke's mum with Ava
Amidst the hustle and bustle of food preparation & Maureen looking after us all, she is having a play with Ava and loving it.

Aunty Bec with Ava
A quiet moment with an Aunty and a niece

Uncle Tim with his god-daughter Sophie
A rare cuddle moment caught on camera!

My mum with both the girls before they were Baptised

Ava getting Baptised...Awesome!

Sophie getting Baptised
A very special day having my brother as a God-parent to my girls. It was a high-light to see him again.

2 gorgeous smiles...and one about to break loose!

Aunty Rhi & Cousin gorgeous niece and God-daughter lily, So smart and beautiful...the first thing she said to me was, HI! and then upsy-daisy! It was very special that they made the trip to Sydney.

(A picture just cos...I took this on Monday morning the day after the Baptism.
A reminder of a brand new day...a new journey and a new chapter in Ava and Sophie's little lives.)

Not everything goes to our plan, but everything is part of God's plan...a beautiful weekend of pure joy, one that I will remember forever. Thank you to my family for making the effort and celebrating it with us.

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  1. Hurray! They are all lovely photos! I can't believe it's another weekend again...almost!