Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Chocolate delight...A series of Photos just cos'...

No one needs instructions or a "how to" on eating chocolate...but incase you want a little help...this is how Isabelle discovered her first Easter Egg.
Step One: Open Foil wrapper and devour in un-orderly fashion.
Step two: break off tiny pieces, eat slowly, and quietly, alone on parents couch as to smear any left overs on their furniture. Best done in absolute silence.
Step Three: Pause and enjoy flavours and endorphins realising into blood stream.
Step Four: wonder where the deliciousness has gone...perhaps feel a twinge of remorse at the consumed calorie intake.
Step five: Chocolate sleepy slump...take time to have a yawn and rest your eyelids for a few moments to prepare for next step.
Step six: PSYCHO!!!!! Bounce off walls excitement.
Step Seven: try to savour last remnants off foil paper.
Step Eight: Clean up.
Step Nine: Well done for consuming your first Easter Egg.
Now...go bother mum for more.


  1. cute!! Just love that last picture.

    And now I'm really glad we have no more chocolate eggs in the house because i want some. for breakfast!

  2. oh what a little cutie! and a cute story to go with it! welcome back!

  3. Step Ten...... Ask hopefully for 'Egg Egg Egg' for breakfast each morning.