Monday, March 14, 2011

My Goal...My weightloss Goal

Beck said I should post about my weight-loss goals...Luke said, "I wish mum's wouldn't post about weight loss" when he saw this site: Fat Mum Slim...I have already "lost" 23 kilos just by having babies so this part is just for me, for my own self esteem and to feel "me" again or a little bit more "me". But as all weight loss is, it is hard...especially as I can't enjoy my meals, I seem to be scoffing down each bite before I am needed (Babies ALWAYS seem to want to eat when you are...even if they have just been fed...) and after a difficult time of parenting...usually late evening...I stress eat. I have tried to fill my home with a bit healthier alternatives this week that still seem a tinsy bit naughty, like frozen yogurt and yummy berries for smoothies so I don't cave-in each time to the high fat treats that I so dearly love (except pretty much straight after I eat them I feel bad, fat and guilty...before hand though my mind says...just have a bit, its not bad for you if you only have a bit? Soooo having a serpent and Eve conversation about forbidden fruits!) I bought this t-shirt to motivate me a couple of weeks ago and even though I was disappointed when I put it on... (The words stretch juuuusssst a bit in places they shouldn't!) I thought, I'M GONNA WEAR IT ANYWAY! Who cares if it shows the curves just a bit more or makes the words look funny (even though I'd probably stare at someone else for wearing it...) it is my personal motivation...and the colours are bold and out there...and I AM gonna get to my goal...I am determined...even if I trip up. Because I feel happier & healthier when I eat well and get out and about...I feel better than if I cave in and good luck to me! Hopefully in a few weeks time the words stretch that little bit less...

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  1. You have so totally got this! I think about all the incredible things you can already do, carrying twins and your birth and managing a semblance of a routine which still allows you to have time to love others, and I know that you'll be able to do this. Posting your journey will bless others with encouragement to step out and reach their goals too!