Saturday, June 4, 2011

Getting my "heebie jeebies" out!

On Friday I HAD to get out the house! It had been raining for a few days quite heavily here, and being stuck indoors is not something that I enjoy (if I am forced to be indoors anyway!). And the girls love to get some fresh air too. For so long I wanted to take my camera out and capture some beach shots...with the three girls though...I got about 10 minutes to quickly take some snaps before they got restless (next time I'll take photos second!) In Cronulla there are gorgeous bookstores, amazing children's gift stores, and yummy fruit smoothies and juices to choose from~ perfect beach shops. Just the thing to make me feel more chirpy, and excited about life to lay my eyes on beautifully made things (that I then feel like I can go home and make myself! day!) ...there is nothing like fresh air! I hope you are enjoying the up and down weather that Winter is bring to you where ever you are in the southern parts of the world, and on dreary days you can snuggle up and be creative, and on days with sunshine you can get some much needed vitamin D and enjoy God's beautiful creation. Happy Winter!


  1. These photos are incredible. You have a gift!!!!!!

  2. My computer has a gift! :D but thank you x