Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Surprise Presents!

My good friend Rachel is a pretty creative lady. For gifts she usually hand makes things...but it's not the usual's the type of stuff that is unique, *special* and made with love. This year for my birthday, she made me a "family" print, with my husband's and daughter's names, birth dates and little extra tid-bits surrounding our names that appropriately "fit" together. I love it! It now lives above my desk in our family room and gets lots of glimpses from me throughout the day. She also made Isabelle's gorgeous *I heart* pillows (below, the I pillow actually stands for Isabelle, I just messed around with it a bit!) and she takes amazing & beautiful photos, which can be bought from here, check her out. Her work is gentle, relaxing and perfect for your home. Thank you Rach for the very thoughtful gift!


  1. awww! So glad you love your print. It looks fabulous in that frame and location. I love making things for you! Thank you for being such a wonderful friend xx
    (P.S> I think it's funny that you moved your desk into your family room. Mine's in ours too!)