Thursday, February 16, 2012


I love this poster. 

My beautiful Sister in Law thought when she bought it, "I hope she won't be offended".  But I tell you, if there is anyone in the world that needs it, it is me. 
Today has been a beautiful day...but then as beautiful days go, there is still a stressful moment bound to be in there. Well mine just happened, but then, I just take a little glance up and read between the lines...its gonna be ok. 

Thanks Lauren for speaking to me even when you're not around. 

(p.s. Another little pic for you Rach. I'll put more up soon)


  1. :) it looks fabulous Anna! I'm glad it's providing some good calm moments! xx

  2. What a sweet little vignette! A good reminder for us all. I have the same thing on my fridge. Also, I feel like you have your camera on a tripod and you are just slowly zooming out to tease me! The colour looks so different than the last photo. Still good, just really different! xx