Thursday, April 5, 2012

Trying to be *Down to Earth*!

Our lounge room, no babies allowed!
(Isabelle's art work in progress.)
 "I want to gently remind you the what you do at home is significant and meaningful, and that creating a warm and protective home provides the ideal environment for your family to thrive in." 

~Rhonda Hetzel author of Down to Earth

Our new solution for 'some' toys.
Miss Belle can help put away because of the simple pictures
When people ask me what I have been doing lately I find it hard to respond.  I guess because most days, I am spending my time building & creating a *home*. This is an ongoing thing that will never end, but I find so much joy in it.  Our home is far from perfect, but when I find a system that makes life easier, or I can finally display something in the "right" spot that makes me smile every time I look at it, make a yummy, healthy meal and haven't fretted over it, or my girls play happily with their toys without too many fights because I've given them all enough options, it gives me a sense of calm and satisfaction.

A solution to having no hanging storage in the girl's room.
It won't last long as they grow,
but brilliantly works for now. Ikea hanger.
Since my husband and I have had 3 daughters in 3 years, life has often felt chaotic and BUSY to say the least. But we have strived for simplicity and sanctuary many times during our short parenthood journey so far. Some ways we have tried to find this is getting rid of or putting away our tv. Another way is trying to have time to really connect as a family and each other. And my favourite so far, purging our home of all the unwanted and unnecessary things that we own...there is still more to go but I was pretty impressed with our efforts, even if our potato masher unfortunately and mistakenly was taken to the op-shop! Getting rid of the "stuff' has made our lives easier in so many ways, like feeling a sense of clarity when looking around our home and having purposeful and intentional space. Or having less to clean! Or having places for the possessions we actually enjoy and use. I guess the 'trick' now after spending months working on a more simple home (and it's not over yet!) is to follow the rule, one item in=one item out. Everytime something new is added to our home, something has to leave. It shocked me as I removed all our crockery that 2 adults who rarely entertain, had enough platters for a catering company. Seriously. How do we get so convinced that MORE is better for us?! 
Adding some greenery around our home
that is simple to maintain

The few books that  have enjoyed and still working through that have helped me begin this endeavour to a more simple life:

The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin

~This book has been the catalyst for some serious motivation, although I am still only on Chapter's a good chapter.

Organized Simplicity: The Clutter-free Approach to Intentional Living
by Tsh Oxenreider

~A very well written and thought out book with many pratical tips.

Our 'fun' wall
The Creative Family: How to encourage Imagination and Nurture Family Connections, by Amanda Blake Soule & her blog Soulemama

~As the title says, inspiration on how to help your family get in a creative zone and connect with each other! A great book as well. I also have her "Handmade home". 

And finally, my favourite book that was work every cent,  

Down to Earth, by Rhonda Hetzel. 

~Read it. It is GOOD, and not only that but it makes you feel great about taking time to enjoy and learn from building a home that is a comfort to your family. 

But essentially, our home isn't what furniture we have or how organised we are.  It doesn't matter if we achieve all our goals, or if everything is 'just so'. Or even if we are 100% happy all the time. But it is about the people in it, how to strengthen relationships and the way we choose to live. I am so excited that I have found some resources that reflect my values and inspires me to create a home that I love spending our time in and making memories as a family. 


  1. :) hello! I'm very interested to check these books out when I come to visit!

  2. Of course Lauren! I think you will really love them x

  3. <3. You are wonderful! (p.s. I subscribe to Rhonda's blog - so good!)