Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Last night I was a bit on the teary side...cos I didn't make any Easter bunny footprints or organize an Easter egg hunt or do any of that stuff...and I felt bad, cos my girls are so cute when it comes to surprises, as all kids are sent they? I was basically a bit Scattered this week cos I was cleaning my house for my mum to come stay, and I always go a bit nuts. Thank goodness it was still a beautiful day and we had some beautiful food and enjoyed each others company, and the weather was all a bit dull which made me feel all the better for the lack of egg hunting.

What snapped me out of my gloom was that today is about Jesus. It is about what our Father in heaven did for us about 2000 years ago, and it ain't got nothin to do with bunnies or chocolate that's for sure. For that real love, and real forgiveness and for that real strength, God provides for us through and in Jesus. When I do, or say, or behave "wrong" I know in my heart that I am forgiven and loved. Despite what I tell myself about how inadequate I am and how I fail over and over again, and even what other people say, I am still loved by Him. Just because He died. And He rose again.

This is surely the best day of the year. I hope your day was beautiful despite all your expectations of what it "should" be.

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