Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Since Easter we have had lots of family come to stay! It was so lovely waking up in the morning and sharing a coffee and a rant about current events and having loved ones enjoy our girls.  My girls are still in mourning from having lots of hands to hold them, bubble blowing, more stories read (thanks Aunty Lauren!) and the extra cuddles, but as always, we are left with some precious memories until next time. 

I was super excited to take a few pictures of Bec (my husband's sister) who was 30 weeks pregnant and looking ever so pretty. I had fun and she was a great model for me.  I've never taken a photo of a baby bump before (only my own) so it felt pretty special. We can't wait for her little boy to join us in a few short weeks time (probably a long few weeks for her though!). Now I just have to edit her pregnancy shots so she can enjoy them too! 

Its been about two weekends ago since our guests left but I am still thinking about their visits. I miss not having my family & friends around to drop in for a cup of tea more often, especially on days like today when I felt a bit blah and still finding a sense of routine again. And Miss Ava misses the family the most I think...she's run me dry on the cuddles I think for the week, although I am doing my best to keep up.


  1. :) oh I hope we are back soon for more chats and story reading

  2. One of my best weeks thus far! Can't wait to visit again!!!

  3. I totally empathise with your comments Anna. Family visiting is such a blessing for ourselves as mothers to be comforted and cherished by friends and family, but also for our little ones to bond with their wider family. My kids always miss them so much when they leave and so the photo albums become very important to reminisce together until next time. Glad your family can come to you and enjoy your girls!