Sunday, May 20, 2012

What fun they all had!

We totally had a lovely day today. Relatively stress free. Fun to see our girl smiling, happy, excited, beautiful and enjoying the day that was just for her.
 It was a good day. 

Gosh I love these girls. And I loved having fleeting thoughts back to Isabelle's birth and how much I love her company and getting to know her more each day. I could gush more...but I won't...some things are just wonderful to keep close to the heart. 

Happy 3rd Birthday my love. 


  1. So precious! Love that Secret Squirrel picture! And what a beautiful dress the birthday girl was wearing! Because of the lack of hair my little angel has, it makes Isabelle look all the more grown up with the fullness and length she has! But, she has 3 months on my darling, so maybe Amy will have a huge 'hair' growth spurt before her 3rd birthday! LOL Here's hoping, but I doubt it will change that much! :o)

  2. Don't worry about that Nell. My cousin was as fair as Amy and her hair was short for many years, now she is like a model...seriously :) and her hair is to die for :)

    I love that picture too. Such a sweet moment. X

  3. Gorgeous pictures Anna. Such treasures your girls are. Looks like a lovely day! xx

  4. :) oh miss Isabelle what a treasure you are...and clever teaching your little sisters xxx

    1. Well I hope its not too long before we get to see you again Aunty Lauren!