Monday, May 28, 2012

27 by 27 (Are you kidding me?!!!)

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It was my birthday the other day & it was a beautiful day spent with my husband, alone, without children. And it was funny...cos I missed them, even though I often crave for a day off from the routine and busyness of being a mum. And 26 was always the age when I was little that I thought you became "grown up".  Funny isn't it? How we put an age on being grown up? Anyway, I feel pressure now, to do the things that REALLY need to get down, and for whatever reason they were not done before, this year...well, they need to get done. This is my mini bucket list, my 27 to 27...and that scares me...
I got the inspiration initially from here but my SIL has had one for the past two years (I think) & hers is here. it goes...this is my list. Some are important, and some are just things I really want to get done, but have been putting off, and some...well, are just for fun!

1. Complete the Adobe Photoshop CS5 Classroom in a Book from cover to cover
2. Paint and sell an artwork
3. Strive to learn more about 'clean' eating
4. Get to my goal weight of 60 kilos
5. Run 10 k in 45 minutes (apparently a very very fit runner who often runs 55 k...told me this is pretty hard...we'll see how I go!!)
6. Make 10 softies (soft toys) for gifts for my little and big friends.
7. Redecorate my daughters' room
8. Replicate a Nina Proudman outfit (if you don't know who that is, my heart grieves for you ;)
9. Raise money for a charity* 
10. Go to a bikram yoga class
11. Make unique baby journals for my girls
12. Write a (very overdue) letter to my overseas friend (preferably before her birthday in October...)
13. Repaint my childhood rocking horse for my girls
14. Regularly take time (weekly) for a home day spa :) 
15. Clean out my "Monica closet" aka friends character; its our laundry toilet filled with STUFF that we don't need! And it haunts me to know that it is such wasted space!
16. Read the Tatiana & Alexander Trilogy by Paullina looked intriguing
17. Grow veggies and herbs again (& tend to the existing ones) and get Isabelle to help me.
18. Illustrate a portrait.
19. Make a maxi skirt from scratch
20. Sew three little dresses!
21. Make 40 Christmas cards by November
22. Enrol my 3 year old in pre-school
23. Listen. REALLY take time to shut up and listen to people...this one is going to be tough for me...I love to interrupt.
24. Make time in my day for my devotion (even if it is only 10 minutes)
25. Teach Isabelle to write her full name and age by herself
26. Read to my daughters daily. 
and last but not least...
27. Get my P's and drive our awesome new car. This is the main one...if I get nothing else on my list done...I hope I achieve just this one.)

I feel kind of vulnerable and exposed by putting out this list...even though its simple...but now I'm accountable.

*will have to research more how to do this...I know its a bit vague and I'm not sure where the money will go yet, but I guess thats the excitement of it!

Have you ever completed a list like this? I'm definitely a list girl...I can't even get through the day without one!


  1. My feedback on your inspiring list! (I see you and Loz with the lists and think I should do one... but I feel I have enough on my plate to put 36 (hah - nearly 10 more than you!!) intention (and possibly more!) things on that plate! LOL

    3. I'm not sure what you mean by 'clean' eating, but if it's about cooking from scratch, without the additives, preservatives, etc, then check out my "Cooking Like Grandma" section on my blog!
    4. I've recently discovered that I'm the same weight I was a few days before giving birth to Little Spring... I need to lose a few kg myself! Maybe we should have a Biggest Loser event together, amongst our friends!
    8. Grieve for me! (i.e. I don't know who that is!) (can we still be friends?!)
    11. I'm starting UfO nights with friends here so I can get onto the scrapbooking I desperately need to do...
    14. Wish we were local to each other so we could do it together... I love home spas and have all the stuff needed! (You could always come up here for a holiday and free day spa!)
    15. I love the Monica reference and this time get it (unlike #8)(does this redeem me a little?)
    16. Another reason to come up here... I have the trilogy and loved it! (especially the first one)! I've seen a cook book with all the recipes referred to in the book, but don't have that.
    22. Gotta do the same thing, although we're actually looking at 3 y/o kindy program.
    23. I'm learning to bite my tongue too. I'm still interrupting, but now interrupting myself and apologising and saying "I'm sorry, please continue and finish what you were saying". Imagine us in a conversation!
    24. SO need to do this myself. I get good, then break the habit and feel guilty all the time!
    25. Cool! I couldn't imagine Little Spring being able to do that yet!

    So, maybe I already have a start on my list... hmm.. I'm considering it now, but serious wonder if I have enough already!?

    Good luck with your list and I look forward to hearing how you're going with them!

    1. :) do it Janelle it's fun!

    2. Well, regretful or not, I've done one!

    3. I don't know much about 'clean' eating either Nell, thats why I put it there! Ive been doing a little bit of reading about it in a few books that I bought/downloaded and just googling it. The concepts look pretty simple (I honestly have done pretty poorly this week over all in eating healthy full stop though...oh well! There is always a new day to start again!

      I like your list on your blog too :) lets make a pact that this is a competition for yourself only...there is nothing to prove if we don't finish the list! That's what I love about don't have to finish it to feel like you have accomplished something. In fact, in one of the organisational books that I have read said that she has 3 main goals on the top of her list of 10 for the day and if she gets those 3 done, its a good day, and she never says she gets all 10 things done, the last thing just goes on tomorrows list. I honestly felt a sudden sense of nervous overwhelmed nausea after i wrote the list...which lasted a day...but you know what? One day at a time...I haven't failed if the list doesn't get completed...just something to look forward for list 28 hey?
      Good luck x x

    4. PS Nell...I was joking about the Nina Proudman thing...she is just a character from Offspring...and she's my favourite scatterbrained parson ever...she makes me feel better when I feel crazy ;)

    5. I hadn't even heard of the term "clean eating" which is what got me so interested... where did you hear it?

      I love the idea of the pact... that's exactly how I feel about it, to take the pressure off myself. I struggled trying to find enough things to put on it, and funnily enough, I've been finding more things I could have put on it... so I'm starting another list already for next year!

      And don't worry, I got that you were joking about Nina Proudman... I still don't know who she is (I don't watch Offspring... that must REALLY be stretching our friendship now!), but I got that you were joking about knowing her... I honestly thought she must have been some sort of designer (from your reference to replicating her outfit!). Oops!

    6. I think I found it on a link on Pinterest?! I'll have to check and find the site for you, that had the phrase but in the books I've been reading it talks about it in there too. I'll send it to you when I find it.

      I know right?! I've got 3 other things that I need to add to my list, maybe I will just have a personal list for those extra add ons, but that I really need to get done this year! Funny how having some sort of list highlights that there are so many things that really need to get done...where oh where will I find the time (or patience?!) I'll keep you posted I'm sure.

      Well, technically you are right...I do like the designer of Nina Proudman's got me there ;)

  2. Ditto to Nell: think you're amazing setting yourself some big and little goals for the year!! I should probably do likewise, but like Nell am a bit scared of the failure factor with lots on my plate! Can't wait to see you log that run on Endomondo though Anna. I will be cheering you all the way! Wii fit tells me 60kgs should be my ideal weight too, but I think I'd settle for 65. We'll see if we make it: you by 27, me by 30! Good luck, I'll be praying for you xxoo

    1. Hey Anna K, if you write one for 30 I'll write one for 31. A bit more accountability for the lot of us?!

      Anna Dear - love your list. I wrote a private one for 30 that included 'make a human' and travel overseas. Done! Will start thinking about possibilities for 31 before 31.

    2. Do it Anna... x and Rach x Well done for the making a human part ;)

    3. Rach - two HUGE things on your list crossed off... that's pretty great! So even if you didn't do anything else on the list, you'd have to be chuffed! Making a human (the other important part - growing a human) is enough for a life time of lists! xx

  3. You and I have a ton in common (except the age thing! I got 10 years on you unfortunately!). Your friend Rachel passed your blog onto me. Happy birthday by the way. I should make one of those bucket lists. PS This links to my old blog, my new and current one is

    1. I'm glad we have so much in common...I was saying to a friend the other day it makes me feel less lonely at times when I hear people are in the same boat or you can share the same interests! Yes I have loved reading your blog so far but I have to jump on my computer to comment rather than my phone (which I haven't done enough lately) but it would be a great start to keep in touch. x