Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My 27 to 27 List Update!

I am so excited...because after being completely overwhelmed by the thought of trying to get through my mini bucket list this year of being 26...I am actually making progress, and I'm loving the changes already made. I have taken some time out (forced...not by choice...cos I've been feeling sick) to spend a lot of time at home and not exercising. And I have needed to have that break...I tend to get so obsessed by it.

~ I have begun reading to my girls again...lots and lots of books...and lots and lots of them more than once. Luke's mum bought the girls a really cute princess tent that lives in our living room. And its extra special if mummy climbs in and reads a couple stories (or 10) in there. They all love it and try to crawl extra close to (rip) I mean look at the pictures. 

~ After my melt down of feeling unable to complete my list in a year (haha yes after the day of writing it!), Luke reminded me to take time out for my relationship with Jesus, especially as I really struggle at Church to focus and listen when I'm taking care of the girls...these last few days have been good for my soul, and this is probably the most important out of my goals to establish. I'm just following Our Daily Bread devotions, which is definitely achievable in my day, its not too long, but there is enough for meto be changed by what I have read. I also like that its not gender specific, I just want something that makes me think, and sometimes when I read devotions written for women or mother's, even without noticing, I feel like I'm falling short of some invisible expectation...I know...I'm super sensitive about stuff like that. 
(*what devotions do you do? And any helpful tips?!)

~ I'm starting to sketch a portrait, it's more of a illustration or caricature really. It's exciting. It's difficult. It's good for me. I'm looking forward to seeing the result. I haven't drawn in a really really long time (other than cartoon cats and little stick families for Isabelle...so we'll see how it goes!) 

~ And something that I've really REALLY enjoyed and gotten lost in, is the first book "The Bronze Horseman" by Paullina Simons, from the Alexander and Tatiana trilogy...it is beautifully written, it is a gift to be invited into another world of imagination...I guess that comes back to why I believe it's so important to read to your children (for one of many many reasons). I am just loving it...and can't put it down at night...

I guess I feel more liberated and excited now that I have written the list. Cos all the things on it (plus a few more) are things that I really need/want to get done...and I need a push. Especially on the learning to drive part...so tomorrow, I will be working on that too...it will be hard to put my novel down though for some study in my valuable quiet time :-( but it has to be done. 

Wishing you luck on your lists girls! If you want to do it & haven't yet...give it a go.  It's scary but worth it (I hope!) 


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  1. Good on you for making some progress. Now we're back from Brissy and Adelaide, I'm looking forward to delving into my list... especially the exercise component and getting more into my Cooking Like Grandma.. the whole time I was away and eating crap, I just thought "it doesn't matter at the moment... I'm starting a fresh when I get home". Less guilt that way!