Sunday, June 24, 2012

Look what I did!

This is not normally how I spend my Saturdays...but Endota were blissful. I am spoiled...this was my Mother's day present and let me say...I don't want anything else for Mother's day for the rest of my days, except massages and facials and foot baths from this place. Hint hint ;). Yesterday I had a peppermint foot bath, a body scrub & glow, and a 30 minute relaxation and moisturising skin feels like silk. Oh...what more can I say, this is why I painted our bedroom Endota green (like their bottle's packaging...) I am obsessed with the place...maybe I should get a job there?!

*More on our bedroom update soon...I love it, especially now I have some extra inspiration to keep making our bedroom so perfectly relaxing.


  1. LUCKY!!!! I want to go there when we go to the Barossa next week...we're going to the Novatel for our wedding anniversary

    1. Enjoy Lauren :) thats where I had my first Endota massage's a beautiful salon with a gorgeous view to relax afterwards. I am jealous even though I just had one :) make sure you get one!!!