Thursday, June 14, 2012

Making Little Presents

I have made four little softies over the past few months as gifts and I have been meaning to make a few more, especially as I got some very cute domestic art books for my birthday. And I just adore buying fabric, especially all the new prints for children they have brought out recently (see this lovely fabric website for inspiration: Kelani Fabric )

The little dog (above) was made for my beautiful friend Rachel's newborn baby.  She wasn't finding out if the baby was a boy or girl before the birth, so I went with orange and blue, safe, but (in my opinion) cute colours. I hope little baby E loves this handmade friend when she gets a bit older. Check out her blog for some super gorgeous photos of her new little bunny.

I am really excited about making a few little friends for my nephew Jax. His mum and dad love African wildlife, so I can't wait to make a few creatures for him. And after that I get to make this cutie pie: *Polly* (see below). She is cute. Oh the list is long...I hope I get them all done.


  1. We love the little puppy! So clever. You have such a professional finish to your projects. I actually just bought some tiny orange pompoms to go around the lamp shade that he sits under because I thought they would match his belly. Thank you! x

    1. Really? Thank you...I was a bit miffed about some of my mistakes but I'm so glad you love him anyway :) handmade is like that anyway...flaws make character right?! (I'm telling myself that anyway) I love the pompom idea! I saw some at the fabric shop the other day (and online) and considered buying them but i didn't know what for. Thats a cute way to utilise them. Anyway, if we lived near each (or tomorrow) we would be going for a stroll and making something little :) maybe we will just have to do that in our own towns. But I will be thinking of your little diy project. :)

  2. It's lovely Anna, I love that it has cats on the fabric! all those fabrics are lovely! I have to use some of mine before I buy anymore ;) xx

  3. Stop being so talented, you and Lauren put me to shame. I love this cute little dog. Anna one day you will have to make some money from this, we can have that book/flower/cake/coffee/softie shop I always talk about.