Sunday, June 10, 2012

Look who is new into the world!

This never gets old or tired, announcing that a beautiful child has arrived safely into the world. This special boy is my nephew, born on Friday at 10.49am. His name is Jax Micah and is the sweetest little man I have met...mainly because I can claim Aunty rights to him and spoil him as much as I can. There is something special knowing that he belongs to our family.   I can't wait til' I meet him, the day he smiles at me (or laughs!) loves the toy cars I buy him and the day that he calls me Aunty Anna...that's going to be cool. And then the eventual family holidays that are going to be full of children racing around causing havoc to our "glamping" . Thank you God for miracles. We love you Jax. 

Photos care of lovely Aunty Lauren @ Lozalicious (one of Jaxie's other Aunties)

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  1. :) Good minds think a like! I started composing a post yesterday for little Jax!