Saturday, July 7, 2012


 On Tuesday my mum came for a short visit to see her growing grand-daughters. It's always a difficult/sad time mainly because I would love to have family to just drop in for a cuppa for a chat, or a bit of help with the girls, but when we do have visitors, it seems to highlight that our loved ones live far away, and we have to make the most in a short space of time. This time however, was a lot of lying down on couches with sick little girls more happy to watch tv, sleep and live off of cracker biscuits than going out and making memories. Which is all ok. Winter has been a bit like that this year for us. 
 But we have tried to make the most of it.
 Winter has been a lot of warm snuggly sleeps with warm jarmies and the heater on, trying to ward off colds and coughs...I must say, I have enjoyed this season of relaxing and taking time out...even if it feels lazy at times...I think if bears can hibernate in winter, we are allowed to slow down, rest and enjoy  family time.
These were a few photos I took this morning. I know there are a lot of places colder than this at the I shouldn't really complain...I hope you are keeping warm wherever you are!


  1. I love these girls. I so wish we lived closer so that we could visit during winter and have hot chocolates and movie days!!!! love from Aunty Bec

  2. I'm keeping warm now that my blanket is finished! :)
    Glad your mum was able to come over and see you all xx