Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A new & little child of God

A sneak peak of the little pressie I made for Eleanora. I will show the rest once she receives it in the mail :) 

Look at this precious little pumpkin, all dolled up for her Baptism.

Just beautiful in her gown (I am sure Rachel will tell you more about it on her blog)
Eleanora looks like a little angel.
I am one of the god-parents to this darling child, Eleanora Naomi. She was baptised this past Sunday, I couldn't be there for her special day, but Rachel sent me these beautiful photos of her 6 week old before the service. I love her so's funny how two babies born recently just make my heart go all mushy...I like that feeling. And everytime these two new mums, Bec & Rach send me a photo of their baby, I can SMELL baby... the soft, calm, gentle, milky smell newborns have. Rachel told me that Nora was such a good girl for her day, after having the sniffles this past week, being the smiley, content child she is. You can tell in her photos. I can't wait to meet you Eleanora. 

Thank you Joel and Rachel for giving me the privilege to be this child's god-parent. I look forward to spending my lifetime praying for her, and you as a family. 

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  1. OMG I can so see Rachel in that second photo. WOW. How exciting. Anna you are god mother to so many precious little people, that must say something about the woman of God that you are. But I already know that!!!!! xxxx