Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Crossing off a few things from my list...

(Just a few photos from Isabelle's first day at Pre-school.)

It's very refreshing to cross off things on my to do list! Some of them will be an ongoing project which I didn't really think about when I wrote the list...so technically I won't be able to "cross" them off. But it is very cool to get some simple achievements done! I have done a lot of different projects as well which I haven't been blogging about, but I have certainly felt a lot more creative and happy spending time journalling a bit more, drawing little sketches and writing my thoughts down. Something that is a bit funny though is that some of the things I wrote on the list 3 or 4 months ago aren't so "important" to me now...I think that has a lot to do with the fact I can only really have one or two projects going at a time and being healthy and creating a peaceful and loving home are up at number one and two...

The ones in red have been going strong but are not yet completed! 

27 to 27...so far...6/27
1. Complete the Adobe Photoshop CS5 Classroom in a Book from cover to cover
2. Paint and sell an artwork
3. Strive to learn more about 'clean' eating  this i am actually putting into practise quite well...with only a few slip ups every now and then!
4. Get to my goal weight of 60 kilos
5. Run 10 k in 45 minutes (apparently a very very fit runner who often runs 55 k...told me this is pretty hard...we'll see how I go!!)
6. Make 10 softies (soft toys) for gifts for my little and big friends.
7. Redecorate my daughters' room out of necessity, we had to move Isabelle back into her original room but it has been fun making it her own space again.
8. Replicate a Nina Proudman outfit 
9. Raise money for a charity* 
10. Go to a bikram yoga class
11. Make unique baby journals for my girls
12. Write a (very overdue) letter to my overseas friend (preferably before her birthday in October...)... completed today! Now I only need to send it!
13. Repaint my childhood rocking horse for my girls
14. Regularly take time (weekly) for a home day spa :) 
15. Clean out my "Monica closet" aka friends character; its our laundry toilet filled with STUFF that we don't need! And it haunts me to know that it is such wasted space!
16. Read the Tatiana & Alexander Trilogy by Paullina Simons...it looked intriguing...such amazing books I haven't been able to fall in love with another novel yet :( but I have been reading some non-fiction still! 
17. Grow veggies and herbs again (& tend to the existing ones) and get Isabelle to help me.
19. Make a maxi skirt from scratch
20. Sew three little dresses!
21. Make 40 Christmas cards by November
22. Enrol my 3 year old in pre-school...sniff...done! And she loves it...once I leave the preschool :(
23. Listen. REALLY take time to shut up and listen to people...this one is going to be tough for me...I love to interrupt.
24. Make time in my day for my devotion (even if it is only 10 minutes)
25. Teach Isabelle to write her full name and age by herself
26. Read to my daughters daily. 
and last but not least...
27. Get my P's and drive our awesome new car. This is the main one...if I get nothing else on my list done...I hope I achieve just this one.)


  1. :) Well done you! Keep going! I need to kick myself into gear with my projects!

  2. Good work Anna: think I need to crack my list out and get serious about crossing some off too!