Friday, January 25, 2013

Our New Home

In no particular is our new home. 
Very much in a state of disarray :) but hopefully soon it will look more cosy. 

 Luke's home office and the entry way and stair case.

The upstairs bathroom

Our Kitchen area

Our laundry overlooking our flooded backyard

Our baby's room (which is filled with most of our belongings right now!)

Isabelle, Ava and Sophie's bedroom and their bay window 
(which I am looking forward to upholstering soon & changing the curtains)

Currently our bedroom, with ensuite, but it will become the guest room in the future

The playroom

Our beautiful backyard  ;) with waterfall included.
(which will truly look a lot more green once the rain stops! Hopefully by Sunday!)

So there you have it! Our new home since Monday and we are enjoying our new space so far. After taking photos of each room I felt quite overwhelmed again by all the boxes and little projects that I want to do, I had to waste the rest of the day imagining. 
Hopefully tomorrow will be more productive again. 


  1. the window seat. the window seat!!! oh my goodness. what a dreamy room for little girls. It's such a nice house. I'm thrilled to see the art I made for you up on the wall already. :) Bubba's room has so much cupboard space. Is that same everywhere? why aren't you staying in the room your bed is already set up in? New houses are exciting! Can't wait to see the 'finished' product (although knowing you there will always be things shifting constantly!)

  2. Even if you haven’t finish organizing your things yet, I can see that you’ve purchased a wonderful house, Anna! I wonder how it looks like at the moment because you may have added more features to your home. I like your kitchen, by the way! It’s not that big, but you can move around there easily.

    Genny Stutesman