Friday, January 25, 2013

3 Little Birds...

So...I have these grand plans...and they will probably never come to fruition, but I am allowed to dream right? At the moment, in the girl's bedroom, they have a glorious window seat, but the cover needs upholstering, and they probably need a new set of curtains of the "black out" variety so they are not awake at 5.30am (cos thats when the sun around here decides to shine). So here are a few of my thoughts that I want to keep dreaming about...

1. Vinyl Wall Sticker Decal Art - Polka Dots in gold from Urban Walls on Etsy.
2. JooJoo's gorgeous little birdie print also from Etsy (I follow her work on her blog and on Instagram and I just love her little illustrations and creations!)
3. Linen Duck buff fabric by Robert Allen from Fabric Traders. I can totally see this fabric on the window seat and I'm envisioning this type of look for their room...
4. Michael Miller's Tweetie Pie fabric in aqua and pink (for Ava & Sophie's cot sheets)...I have no idea why I'm totally in love with this fabric...I just keep coming back to it, mainly because Isabelle's current Sheridan sheets are covered with birds (funnily enough she is frightened of birds...)
5. I'm thinking of either painting or covering in fabric or paper the girls initials to hang above their bed. These initials came from cheeky brats (how charming :-/)
6. We have similar cots from Babies R Us for Ava & Sophie but they are no longer in stock so I linked this one instead. I would've normally chosen white, but I was pregnant and hormonal and went with dark brown...oh well. 
7. And last but not least, a bunch of cushions on the window seat which I am planning on using up all my favourite fabric pieces I bought last year but didn't use. They are lovely prints (not these exact ones, of course.) The cushions in the image can be viewed here.

I am also thinking of getting this photo that I took, framed for their room too. 
The aim is to set a budget, stick to it and be resourceful. (Mr. S don't read this page...)

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