Tuesday, March 26, 2013

making something simple, extra pretty!

Something I have really wanted for a long time is my own little space. Somewhere to sew or read, or blog or draw or paint a little something or be crafty or arty (and leave it there while I go about my day)...so when we moved I wanted to find somewhere in our new home where this could come true.
That place is in our guest room. 
And this old desk? Was in our shed. So I carried it upstairs and saw its potential! 

Now with its vintage contact paper bought from this beautiful etsy shop...something old has become something perfectly new (to me) and loved. I think it's beautiful!
The pretty wall decal letters are from my beautiful friend, Rachel for my Christmas present last year from little nest. They finish the space perfectly (although I'm thinking i'll change the pale 'y' and 'a'...they are removable and re-usuable too so don't fret!) 


  1. Love it! Any left over? you'll have to cover a book or something! The little box/book on top of true identity is cute. xx

    1. I have a tiny bit left over...I'm thinking of making some dots like the gold ones I made but I'm not 100% sure. The box on top of my Bible is from Tanunda Nursing home. One of the little ladies made it, and my mum bought it for me. It's got all my pretty pens and pencils in it. I realised on the front of the box is an illustration of my favourite children's book...I have no idea why I didn't notice it before! X