Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A DIY wrapping kit

this past month has been a birthday season for us in our home. two of the gifts that we gave were little wrapping kits for two special people who love stationery nearly as much as me. i got the idea from pinterest (of course) from this lovely diy website Creature Comforts. It was just a matter of collating some pretty embellishments, making a few envelopes, printing off some free printables, organising the gift tags and BUYING fun stationary! my favourite part! and then the rest is up to them to wrap their gifts or decorating something special with these things.

the free printables i used were:
1. Birthday Calendar from The Pretty Blog
(and another option from the blog here)
2. Cute gift tags from The Pretty Blog
3. Sweet little Bird labels from World Label

These are also really cute which I found later:
-Vintage Photo Mountain Gift Tags from Fellowfellow
-Paint by numbers Valentines from My Paper Crane
-Bright gift tags from the Martha Stewart site
-And a whole heap of free DIY printables from Love VS Design! They are so cute! Check them out.

but there are so many to choose from when you just google search "free printables". get inspired & have fun wrapping presents!


  1. that's my present!! absolutely love it. Thank you so much. You are wonderful gift giver. xx (beautifully photographed too. x)

    1. :) thanks to Pinterest. I'd been thinking about it for a while ;) I'm really glad you like it. Although I think even if you didn't that would be ok cos I had so much fun shopping and organising it for you XX

  2. :) That looks a lot like mine :) very cool gift indeed! xx

    1. Yes, they were only a little bit different x