Tuesday, July 20, 2010

As you know I am excited about changing my room and making it more relaxing and pretty. Here on Apartment Therapy (second image) there is this glorious and whimsical looking room (with very limited space) with an interesting use of colours. The clash of reds and pinks, the window playing a large role in the drama of this room. Not all the elements are my cup of tea, but I love the wall paper... unfortunately I won't be able to be that dramatic. What this does enlighten me to, it that to make a real impact, I have to be a bit more daring than I am used to. Right now (while I have the most gorgeous bed sheets) the room still needs drama. I am a bit scared to do some art on the grand scale that the room needs...but it is in the back of my mind constantly. One thing is for sure...birds definitely need to be involved...at least pictures of them do! I saw this lovely painted robin on ETSY (first picture) which I just think is so charming and very Secret Garden appropriate! I think Isabelle would like it too!

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