Monday, July 26, 2010

Getting big...and only 14 and a half weeks...

(My Baby bump: A few photos taken in the last week.)
I have earlier ones but my bare belly is showing...I think they will be kept for private viewing only. I guess genetically, I do start showing very early, but in this case with twins, thats double the size I would've normally expected. There is no doubt that I now look pregnant to all the other folks around. Nicely enough I don't feel pregnant which is absolutely lovely, and I am relishing that feeling, as I am expecting to feel not so good towards the end. I guess the 2nd Trimester has that effect, which just makes me feel full of energy. I should really start designing the nursery while I feel motivated! Speaking of the nursery, I have ruffled a few feathers by not putting all our children in the same room (Grandmother's??? Way too old school for my liking) and now not having a guest room. The fact that I care shows that I am still very hormonal and therefore pregnant, that and the belly are sure giveaways! One great thing is that despite when family let on that having twins is going to be terribly hard and I may not cope without their help, I feel more determined to rise to the challenge and I know that with God's help I will be a better problem solver, better time manager, my relationship with my husband will grow and deepen through the struggles and joys and I will learn that there are times in my life that what I want isn't as important as what my children need at the time, which seems kind of contrary to what parenting magazines display these days. Sometimes a half and hour a day with a cup of tea is all I'll get...if I am lucky. And thats ok. Because it won't be forever, Isabelle already lets me do more now on my own (like sitting at my computer now while she plays) and she is only 14 months old...
I am making sure I am using this time with one baby to enjoy going out to playgroups, for walks that only take a few minutes to get out the house with a stroller, sewing beautiful things, blogging and rearranging. Because I now realise that these things are so precious to me and I really enjoy these parts of my life, and I am not sure what to expect in the future.

To see a link on how a 15 week old baby is going click here and times two. For the record, I have gained 5 kilos since finding out I was pregnant 9 weeks ago. Most of it is babies, some of it is ice-cream :)


  1. that top you are wearing in the bottom picture is really nice! I went through a range of emotions when i read this...mostly I don't think I could be as gracious as you are! you're a good woman Anna! x thanks for your comment from Luke! it made me happy i was in a pretty fowl mood before that! xx

  2. You have such a cute pregnant belly! I can't believe there are 2 in there - so exciting. You are going to be amazing Anna. You are so much stronger than you give yourself credit for. I think your blog title is a perfect descriptor of who you are! love much. xx

  3. Hmmm, thats funny that you read my title of my blog like that Rach...cos what I meant by it was that my heart was full of the grace that God gives to me as His child...and cos Isabelle's middle name and my middle name mean grace...and I was soppy at the time thinking that my heart if full of her...but I am glad that you think that about me! Because I certainly have not felt full of grace, especially at 4 this morning when I was finding it hard to sleep after all the comments I have heard lately. Lauren, hope you are feeling ok...isn't it funny that we are all blogging right now? Good times! PS I was pretty jealous when luke said that about your photo...he never says that about my must have talent! xx

  4. Banana, don't listen to anyone else. No one else lives in your house, or walks in your shoes, and most of the people with opinions have never even had twins. You're a great mum, it shows with Bizzie... no bias at all. God clearly thinks that you are fit for this. And Lauren... you in a foul mood? Is that even possible. Love both of my sisters! Bxo