Friday, July 30, 2010

Being Mummy

Isabelle has been sick for the last few days with what I suspect is hand, foot and mouth disease (not nearly as sinister as it sounds) basically in laymen's terms, a childhood virus. I was warned by a friend that a boy from a playgroup I went to, had it last week (after not knowing) and the past few days have been quite yucky to say the least, for me and for my dear. She just wants to be close to me at all times, except for this morning when I put her to sleep at about 11.15, she went, most exhausted and thankful to be placed in her bed. When she did, I thought, what can I do with my time??? Sleep, no way, what a waste!!! Even though I am tired after having a slightly disrupted sleep beside Isabelle last night (she wouldn't sleep alone). I really wanted to make something, but I don't have the energy to make something or to clean it up! All the odd jobs? Nope...they can wait...the house is actually quite clean...weirdly enough...Isabelle didn't have the energy to walk around making a huge mess. I settled with a lovely hot shower and washing my hair, waxing my eyebrows and making sure I look human again. Then a Mocha, a piece of vegemite toast, a juice and mineral water and replying to a few emails to lovely friends...and spending time with my other friends via blog and seeing what they were up to...what I really wanted was to be creative but I guess for today, to be inspired and to relax will have to do! Please get better soon my darling...even though you are so cute when sick...I prefer your happy and healthy self. Love Mum.


  1. that's such a cute picture of belle! x

  2. Just heard about you being pregnant with twins. Amazing! Happy news! Congratulations! Love Chelsea

  3. Thanks Chelsea :) It is going so quickly this time a blink of an eye the twins will be here and I will be enjoying the business of a zoo in my own home :) how life has changed! Hope you are well. X