Friday, September 3, 2010

Making Room

With the idea of an expanding family, Luke and I have been looking at ways to cut the clutter. Two weeks ago we began our team effort (mainly Luke's effort ;) and made my 'old' desk 'new' with a good sanding & a couple of coats of paint. I love white furniture...if I had it my way, every piece of wooden furniture in our house would be painted white or very dark brown, like our new twin cots. I think Luke did a great job and it was fun to actually carry through with an idea that I had wanted for this desk for ages. Now there will be a lot more space in this part of the house and I get my old desk back! Here are a few pictures of what we did. It took about 5 days all up...if it were my choice we would have done it in 2 and I am sure it would have looked quite poorly! :) Luke finished off the desk, sanding it back along the edges to create that rustic look that my two other pieces of white furniture have.


  1. Comment from Joel - You two are so alike!!

    Comment from me - I love it! So lovely. You did a great job of making old new. And yes -we are alike! I've been painting a white desk this week but have been going the opposite way - from small to big. Other things we have the same - cute mat under our mac. Book for a mouse pad. A love of painting wood furniture white, same pens on our desk. And I don't know if that document stand is from Howard's storage world but the one I planned on buying!!

    I hope you used acrylic paint. I used the left over oil from the bookshelf - it's a major pain! but It's nearly finished the tin now and it's better to use it than throw it out.

    You are going to produce lovely things form your lovely desk!! xx

  2. I am so envious of you Anna and your creativity. I love your space. And your expanding family. I say go for all white, just have one section of your house that is brown... the 'dirt pit' you could call it. It's where the twins and Bizzie would eat and paint and play.... so as not to mess up anything white. Dreaming right?

  3. looks very nice anna! I like the lamp!