Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Secret Garden:

After following Making it Lovely and her plans for transforming her bedroom, I have been meaning to do the same. Our bedroom is the most neglected room of our house. Its the last place I'll tidy and spend money on. So we budgeted money to get new bedlinen to start. I had been wanting to get some really nice linen for a very long time (we just got pretty cheap stuff when we first got married). Just in time for the stocktake sales too!

Stop reading now if details bore you to death cos I am going to go into the finer points! :) From Adairs we got this green quilt set, and the matching cushion and European pillow cases. From David Jones we got our new King size quilt which hangs dreamily over each side of our bed nearly touching the floor. (I know I am *gushing* over my quilt!) And 2 new firm and high pillows (which take a bit of getting used to according to Luke) and from Target for a third of the price than at David Jones, 1000 thread count bed we are truly spoilt! I feel like a princess every time I climb into bed at night now. Although that sounds like a lot (and I suppose it is...we saved a lot, which it seems that sales really are the only time to go all out...) It has all really given our room a kick start into looking glamourous!

*The Details are over!*

Over the next few months I am aiming to transform my room into a place that both Luke and I want to go to relax when we get the time (from our up and coming expected 3 child family). Luke mentioned an arm chair for the corner of our room and moving the bookcase beside it. The first two images show just how scattered and random this space is and that it isn't utilised properly. Making it not the nicest space to relax in...(mostly my fault I guess) :-/ I also need a painting above our bed or some beautiful artwork that I aim to make (I have a million projects in my mind at the moment though for all sorts of things!)

My muse is going to be "The Secret Garden"...which was my favourite book and movie when I was eight years old. Luke says thats gay...but he is a boy...and everything romantic and pretty is 'gay' to most boys...and I think that a garden theme will go well with the new bed sheets.

Budget: will be what is required but I assure you...the main expense will be the chair and I will use existing furniture and collected items for the artwork and ornaments. I have the jewellery tree so I want to make that a feature. I won't be painting the walls or anything so the challenge will be to change the mood of the room through art on the walls.

Anyway...I'll keep you updated. I'm excited about making the space somewhere I wanna be!


  1. wow 3 posts in two days! spoilt! that shop is totally yours!
    Oh I can totally relate with the making the bedroom a little haven I have hated our get's so messy and awful!the sisters came over Monday and helped me move the bed and clean it was awesome and I fixed the shelves a bit too...perhaps I will do a similar post anna inspired! :) x

  2. I love it Anna - so beautiful. I have been hunting for a new doona cover for months and am totally stuck with my limited Albury options. Although maybe I'm just not being bold enough? Isn't Nicole's (Making it Lovely) new room just divine? I have been thinking it about it so much as well... I would love to paint out room as dark as hers but it's just too small and would feel like a closet. I look forward to seeing your bedroom develop - I know it will be amazing!

  3. Hey rach, I liked her room better before hand, but I LOVE her bookshelf....its funny that I notice her 'bookshelf' because one of the things I want to change about my room is that Isabelle always wants to pull the books off the shelves which is fine...because I put her books there to keep her occupied while I have a toilet break ;) or while i'm making the bed, getting dressed etc, but then it always looks nice and neat for about 2 minutes and the rest of the day i spend haphazardly putting the books back. I am unsure what to do about that as I could never book precious books there because they are right at her level, but on the other hand, it is just a horrible place to look at. I am so surprised Nicole moved completely away from her usual colour scheme...I guess thats what you have to do sometimes. I would recommend waiting until a big sale to get what you want rach, as we saved 40% which made a real difference. Good Luck!

    I know Lauren! My mum was so kind as to do so many odd jobs around the house (although they have caught up already) that I was able to BLOG BLOG BLOG! I had fun...I have about three blogs I need to type up! X PS I love the way you re-arranged you room too. The bed looks beautiful under the light of the window.